This channel is the home of crazy inventions, brilliant world records and constant disregard to health and safety. I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the videos uploaded as there some of the best and most original on the net and it is TV shows that copy me not the other way round. Thanks and hope you have enjoyed the ride.


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  1. ItsJustTyler

    All fun and games until someone puts a hand in there

  2. Ronan Muellner

    Dam I wish hiluxes were legal in “the states”

  3. Mike Popiel

    8:09 me a kit kat expert "you monster"

  4. Nick

    Need one of these cars in the US for when you come across those ‘mostly peaceful’ protestors........I mean extremely violent rioters

  5. Morella Továr


  6. Ricardo Ricardo

    I can’t get over the disparity in our lives. I reckon your morning fart has more get up n go in it ! Anyway thanks-the momentary distraction is very much appreciated.

  7. Slash

    So is no one gonna ask why he had a bag of crisps on a washing line

    1. the randomizer king

      I asked that question and no one answered me

  8. Rick Barker

    How about run the screws on independent electric motors, that are powered by a genny.

  9. Rick Barker

    Colin Furze, the love child of the Mad Hatter and Albert Einstein.

  10. Alan Hamilton

    can anyone imagen if he lived anywere guns were legal omg i love it haha

  11. Hoki Den

    perfectly scaled... right... if a kid was sitting behind the wheel, maybe. following the scale sometimes isn't the best way to do it, looks very... um...poorly scaled.

  12. Doc. FunkBlack

    Pretty sure is not air raid proof. Pretty thin at the top.

  13. Tombomb

    What if someone was there and their head blew up from getting hit by a metal brick

  14. Rol Bailie

    replace potato with a contact-based explosive and bam its a true battle tank

  15. Jimmy Lightning

    If mr fuzzy boy wasn’t unstoppable before. HE IS NOW!!

  16. ALR 1

    “It’s alright people we’ve got cheese! Eheheh” ~Colinfurze

  17. Stephen Pavlisko

    Colin- Theres something seriously wrong with you. I love it!

  18. Luke Russell

    That clip of Colin shoving the painting down the hole is amazing

  19. Christian Lucas de Christo

    he only needs a idraulic motor and 4 heews for him to ride

  20. Jimmy Lightning

    Colin furze cannibalising super bikes into stuff since 2006 and a bit before

  21. koi fish

    One minute and three seconds and a fucking advert. You tube is disgusting

  22. A M

    Fuc*ing brilliant 👏hahahaàa thanks mate 👍

  23. Harrison ferguson


  24. MrMoo Moomoo

    Talking team trees?

  25. Thomas

    this machine is fuckin terrifying

  26. Ka Ho Tam

    imagine you have a neighbour like this...

  27. NIC the Ianich

    Now you can do the fortnite hang glider

  28. Albe Sunim

    Next timeout a piece of plywood behind the boxes.

  29. Hell Cat

    I need that chair

  30. Villager News

    Make a bumblebee same as that and sell it and chat out where you ar gonna sell it

  31. Carl Thornton

    Very Good!...

  32. Carl Thornton

    Very Good!...

  33. 4Real

    Vegans won’t believe me when i tell them this is Bio

  34. Ian G

    Furzey.... IDEA. Start with a 8 foot box, then slot in a 7 foot box when you dug out the sand at the bottom of the 8 foot, then slot in a 6 after the 7 is below the 8, then a 5 below the 6 and then a 4. Then when you have done the last 4, bang in a load of 4s on top of that. Remove the 5 6 and 7 and 8. Back fill. And.... Sorted.

  35. IRON MAN

    It's one colin long

  36. Mika Boelens

    lawn mower belt

  37. BradiKal61

    That rock and stone under the ground is insane . Must make construction a heck of a lot more expensive.

  38. BradiKal61

    If hed kept the first shed and added the second he would have been Colin "two sheds" Furze

  39. Just Me

    some town close by thinks Korea sent a missile and the invasion has started

  40. Just Me

    hahahahahaha.... I have nothing more to say...

  41. misteridiot

    I saw no Jeremy. I saw no Mays, I saw no Hammond. Ergo, ipso facto, that was not a clip from Top Gear.

  42. Jamesthebond 007

    Lol isn't electric still banned in England lol your to fun t Colin nice I've seen this before, but I've been looking up drift trike videos to try make one myself I've just got a motorised fat wheel drift trike that I was thinking of putting an electric fat front wheel on it and having it ald motorised and half electric hehe and I've got this triad kids one I wanna put a electric wheel kit on to to cruise around

  43. RAFFIC

    Modern day Mad scientist

  44. LumiaYT

    Top gear UK. But it's the top gear UK we don't want.

  45. Grim Reaper

    Hi Colin, are you on tiktok as @crazywillson82?

  46. Thomas Hogan

    British dude: "Today I'll show you how to start an engine that was famous for being used to bomb London."

  47. sabith mk

    AoT fans Is it possible to create the AoT S4 3DODM gear. ???? The gear actually looks possible, since it uses a gas cylinder

  48. Matt Pearce

    Hitting the metal against the carpet is the ultimate strength test! (Making sure you say “nice and strong”).

  49. Below Plays

    Sounds Bri ish

  50. Mine Crafter5837

    Honestly I’m surprised how that metal could handle that

  51. A A

    Lad you have excellent hair

  52. Mark Snarey

    What a TRASH prank ;)

  53. TickyTye

    Mini cloninfurze

  54. Sathish 23

    When people don't listen to you can listen to yourself in bunker 😂

  55. Armando Salazar

    Why does the fireball look like a asteroid

  56. Garden Bee Aunt TK

    Perfect for 🌪 as well.

  57. The Ancient Tales

    Typical type of a man who live very well in after earth time : D

  58. Bright Blaze

    Anyone notice the red mark, looks like he cut himself at 6:21

  59. dcoog anml

    0:52 This intro is legendary.

  60. Alex

    *The local authorities:* we have sent you important documents and want to ask whether you have received them and whether you still haave any questions about them. *Furze* : My questions have just resolved...

  61. Martin Sch

    Still waiting for that afterburner.

  62. Repaired Springtrap

    Screw Tank Race.

  63. Mark Hanoi

    I would have doubled up the horizontal top of the frame, which are carrying the roof. Other then this, great build!

  64. bpmail1

    I think you should look for a good doctor... bye

  65. poopify •_•

    What about your legs colin

  66. Alana Bryce

    Hi Jo

  67. Усердный бобёр

    It looks like a toilet.

  68. Hans Channel

    I've been enjoying youtube 12+ years and I can't believe there's experiment channel with punk/rock/alternative background music. dang it!

    1. Hans Channel

      and 10 millions subs by now!!

  69. Xavi !

    Imagine run up these stairs After turn off the lights and run in tour bedroom with a Monster behind you

  70. Rein De Boer

    What we see when we look at toddlers playing in there cars: What they see:

  71. Martyn H

    The complete disregard for health and safety in this is absolutely inspiring

  72. TheHappyGreenscreen

    When your ps5 comes in the mail and the mailman tries to put in it the letterbox...

  73. Dj Ellly

    You are a legend 🙌

  74. Саша Пильтек

    Colin, if you notice this, know your place in the company of Elon Musk

  75. Hannah Miedema

    The real jigsore???


    not going to go that high, goes 2 meters high

  77. Jigsaurman Playz

    If you are his neighbour you hate him

  78. SYFER_Ratz

    Just wait until that one million check comes through